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Writing without revising is the literary equivalent
of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear.
Patricia Fuller

Before self-publishing your masterpiece, sending it to an agent, or submitting it to a traditional publisher, your manuscript needs to be professionally edited. With proper editing, your novel will shine and your readers will soon be asking you for more.

Rainbow Tales Editing Service is all encompassing. Your manuscript will be thoroughly edited for issues from story structure to style to grammar to punctuation, such as:

Story Structure

Story hook
Story arc
Character arc
Strong middle
Satisfactory ending

Active/passive voice
"Saidisms" (Dialogue tags)
Dialogue beats

Sentence structure
Subject/verb agreement
Proper use of modifiers
Adverbs and adjectives
Spelling/Misuse of words

Exclamation marks
Quotation marks

Rainbow Tales Editing Service uses the Microsoft apps Track Changes and Comments extensively throughout an edit to point out and suggest changes and/or solutions to a problem. You will also receive a detailed email documenting the editing Rainbow Tales has done.

Some clients have reported that the amount of red they saw when first opening their edit made them gasp for air. You may find you do the same. But keep in mind two things:

A) The amount of red in no way reflects on whether you are a "bad" or a "good" writer. Rainbow Tales also uses the Comment app to congratulate you for a well-tuned sentence or an interesting choice of words; and,

B) The amount of red is a testimony to the thoroughness of the edit Rainbow Tales has done.

Pricing and the "Fine Print"
The first three pages are edited free of charge to make sure we are compatible as a team.

Rainbow Tales Editing Service is priced competitively and in a way a wide variety of writers can afford to have their novel professionally edited. Payment plans are available and Rainbow Tales is always open to bartering.

Preferred formatting:
1-inch margins on all sides
Times New Roman font, 12-pt.
Double spacing.

Basic Proofreading: $0.005 per word.

Number of Words Price
Per Word
75,000 words or less $0.01 2-4 weeks
75,000 to 110,000 words $0.0125 3-5 weeks
Over 110,000 words or book series Ask for quote Variable
*Small presses and independent publishers, please contact me to negotiate fees and payment schedules.*

One-half of the fees agreed upon are to be paid to my Paypal account when the manuscript is electronically delivered to me. The balance is due before the edited manuscript is returned to you.
Payment plans available and bartering possible.
If my editing queue is full, there may be a delay getting to your manuscript. I'll give you an estimated time for when I'll start your edit. A non-refundable fee of 20% is required to hold your spot.

If you are interested in more information about Rainbow Tales Editing Service, email Glenda at . You can expect a response (typically) within 48 hours. Your personal information is safe with Rainbow Tales Literary Services. We will never share or sell your information to anyone.
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