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What inspires me is an incredibly profound belief that
I'm not only creative, but that I can help others discover their own creativity.
Pam Moore

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Revision Coaching
Before self-publishing your masterpiece, sending it to an agent, or submitting it to a traditional publisher, your manuscript needs to be professionally edited. With proper editing, your novel will shine and your readers will soon be asking you for more.

"If you are looking for a professional, friendly editor who will work closely with you on all points of your novel, then Glenda is a fabulous choice."
Craig MacLachlen

"I've worked with many editors in my writing career, having had ten novels published, and she's one of the best."
Kim Pritekel

"I've been in the publishing industry for 10 years, and wish I'd discovered Glenda sooner.
Her sense of brevity and flow is remarkable. She is a treasured editor and a writer of prose we will all read and cherish someday."
Doug Johnson
Your book is on its umpteenth draft. It's been read by beta readers and friends. And yet you know there's still something not quite right.
A knowledgeable coach can help you work through the problems and get your book polished and ready for submission to publishers or agents or for self-publication.

"[Glenda's] extremely knowledgeable in her craft and open and willing to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend her for your writing project."
Kim Pritekel

"...The mark [Glenda] left on my writing is indelible. She did not tell me how to write, but led me to discover my own voice and then helped me make the sounds I heard in my heart ring on the page."
Ona Marae
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